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Pacific Texturing, with over 20 years in Southern California,  is the West Coasts' largest and most experienced mold texturing facility offering all industry standard as well as custom textures and services to the injection mold making, die cast and mold finishing industry.

Mold Texturing is more an art than a science and at Pacific Texturing we have very experienced and highly qualified craftsmen that have gained a wealth of knowledge and know-how over the years.  And the advantage of having experienced technicians on staff provides us with a great deal of flexibility in helping our customers meet their ever changing demands.

For over 20 years we have textured a wide variety of molds, many shapes and sizes ranging from the smallest to the largest, and molds with a large number of cavities for different plastics parts coming from many different marketplaces. 

We have worked with many different types of materials such as" aluminium, stainless steel, beryllium, copper and other steel derivatives. 

At Pacific Texturing we offer all mold texturing, chemical engraving and laser engraving services.  Engraving includes logos, artwork and text on flat and contoured surfaces.

We have 1000's of textures already established for the plastics industry plus we can develop textures to meet your changing needs.

We provide -

Mold Texturing Solutions

We are the West Coasts' largest and most experienced mold texture facilty servicing the Western United States and parts of Mexico - 


1000's of textures already established !

We can match all industry standard texture patterns and develop custom texture patterns specific to your applications.

Ask us about Laser Welding - 

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