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Mold Laser Engraving

Pacific Texturing continues to offer the mold making industry  the finest quality mold engraving workmanship, utilizing a wide range of technologies including high power laser engraving, chemical etching, and EDM services.

We offer engraving of molds and related components from cavity I.D. to the most complex applications. Being highly skilled in such a diversity of engraving technologies allows us to process engraving projects cost effectively, fast, and with unparalleled results.

We recognize the time and effort that goes into quality mold tooling as well as the need for aggressive delivery in today's demanding global market. 

It is the diversity in technology along side the experienced hands that allows Pacific Texturing to be the most responsive  mold engraving source on the west coast.

Mold Laser Engraving offers -

Laser Marking is Ideal for -  


Precision lettering and logos in deep pockets and between ribs.

Precision masking compliments already industry leading quality & skill!

Laser Marking

Industrial laser marking is a rapidly growing industry, particularly because there is virtually no limit to the number and types of materials that can be marked by laser equipment. 


The automotive, medical, electronics, electrical, aerospace and a range of other industries are increasingly looking to laser marking to permanently include serial parts, data matrix codes, and other important information on parts and other items. Permanence, fine detail and a perfectly smooth finish can be acheived thru laser marking.


Computerized control allows us to reproduce the finest details of a complex corporate logo or the most diminutive lettering or numbers.


We can accept files in the following formats:

.dxf | .dwg | .ai | .cdr | .pdf | .tif

.jpg |  and more

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