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Mold Texture Repair


We excel at TEXTURE REPAIR, often times without the need to weld on the molding surface.

Call us if you have a damaged tool and let us help you return it to production.

Specific steps need to be taken when a mold has been damaged or modified and the textured surface has been affected.  Following the proper steps will greatly improve the chances for a successful repair to the textured surface.  Contact us for help before beginning the repair.

Alternatives exist to repair tools without having to weld the textured surface.  Also, it is not always necessary to remove all of the texture from a cavity that has been damaged.

When welding is required, following precise procedures will lead to superior results with texture repair.

Whenever possible, weld the damaged area with the same material as the cavity.  Never use stainless weld on a non stainless tool.

Stress relieving or annealing can help equalize the metal hardness (rockwell) between the parent material and the welded area.

When choosing a texture pattern, the ability to be repaired is an important consideration.  We can recommend textures that meet your needs and are more effectively repairable.

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